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❝ An unasked question is the most futile thing in the world. ❞
Hello there! ^_^ I am known as italian-kitten on tumblr and youtube, and I cosplay Finland, Sealand and Apple Bloom (MLP).

This is my personal, you'll see mostly Hetalia but also a bit of Homestuck, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who and various funny text posts. Please enjoy your stay! ~<3

Tumblr Crushes:

Oi, Charli. Bailey. Jess. Pruse, Aus and Ger. Where’d ya’ll go >( Come back here darn it D:

tater dropped a place, aww ;_; 

Norway slipped on, whoot XD

jsfnksd. But HEY. xwhiterussia is on there :D

And sassygaysweden, hun, you just move all over my crushes list everytime I look x_x I’ve given up trying to remember which place you were at XD

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